Is organic really better?

Canadians have long trusted organics for their quality. Organic food is grown without chemical pesticides, herbicides and genetic modification. It is harvested, processed and shipped under strict government guidelines, including regular audits.

When you eat organic food, you avoid ingesting a number of nasty, toxic chemicals proven harmful to health in the long term. Equally important, numerous studies also point to the higher nutritional value of food that’s grown organically. And who can ignore the question of taste? We believe organic food simply tastes better – and we’re not the only ones, not by a long shot. More and more of you wholeheartedly agrees with us!

Where can I buy Kiju?

You’ll likely find Kiju wherever natural and organic food products are sold. Our Store Locator shows you who carries Kiju by province. If you’re unable to find a location near you, or can’t find it in your favourite store, drop us a line on our Connect With Us page, and we’ll do our best to get the juice flowing!

Do you offer any coupons?

Unfortunately we don’t give any coupons, but keep your eyes open as we offer coupons in stores from time to time. 

Are your products vegan?

All of our juices are vegan. Obviously the fruits themselves are vegan, but they’re also processed and filtered with none of the animal derivative filters that are sometimes used in other food processing. Also, our natural flavours are completely plant-derived from the named fruits on the given package and are verified organic and non-GMO.

What does the term “natural flavours” mean?

All of our juices are 100% natural and certified organic, and are derived from the named fruit. So, the “natural flavour” listed in our Mango Orange juice comes from mangoes and oranges! Basically, “natural flavour” is the essences and oils that are captured when the fruits are first processed. We add that back to our juice to enhance the taste so that it’s closer to the natural state of the fruit when it’s ripe and freshly picked.

Are your products gluten-free?

Yes, all Kiju Organic juices are gluten-free. We ensure that ALL ingredients we source are gluten-free, and that all of our suppliers have a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) program in place and are HACCP certified. This ensures that all Kiju Organic juices are of the highest quality and gluten free.

Where does your fruit juice come from?

We make every effort to buy as local as we can, but the majority of our fruit comes from organic farms all over North and South America. We would love to have plenty of mango and lemon trees growing in our backyard here in Ontario, Canada, but unfortunately we don’t have the right climate. Moreover, of the products that do grow locally, there is just not enough certified organic supply available at this time to support a year-round, national program.

Of course, it’s important to note that the processing of our juice into the finished product you see on shelf is all done here in Canada – as is all of our marketing, sales and distribution!

Is your packaging recyclable?

Yes! The vast majority of Canadian households have the ability to fully recycle our juice packaging i.e. both the glass and the aseptic containers (i.e. Tetra), as well as the other packaging materials (plastic, straws and caps).

Ever wonder what happens to the juice boxes once they’re recycled? Since they’re made from several layers of paper, they get “re-pulped” and made into consumer goods such as paper towels and toilet paper. For more information on why aseptic packaging is a sound environmental choice, please visit Tetra Pak. To find out if this type of packaging is recyclable in your area, check with your local waste collection agency.

What’s the shelf life? And how do you read your “Best Before Date”?

Since Kiju is aseptically packed, pasteurized and free from exposure to light, our juices taste great for many months after production. The Best Before dates on both our 200 mL juice boxes and 1 litre (or 1 L) sizes are in “YYYY MM DD” format, and the code below is our lot and time control number which ensure traceability.

On our 355 mL glass bottles, the Best Before Date and lot numbers are located on the neck of the bottle.

Is Kiju pasteurized?

Yes. In order to ensure our products are safe and have a reasonable shelf life, each box is HTST pasteurized (High Temperature, Short Time). This allows for elimination of any harmful bacteria while maintaining as much of the natural nutrients, vitamins and minerals as possible.

Juices, drinks, nectars – aren’t they all the same?

If it doesn’t say 100% juice, it isn’t! Anything less than 100% juice and you’ll see words like “juice drink”, cocktail or even nectar. All of these are not 100% juice and likely contain added sugar. And especially beware of the Big Brands that call their sugar-and-water concoctions “real fruit beverages”! Check the ingredients before you buy. You’ll likely find “fruit juice” way down on the list of ingredients, meaning the majority of what’s in the container is anything but juice.

At Kiju we feel that nature has already made juice sweet enough – it doesn’t need added sugar. Be true to nature and go for pure, organic 100% juice. Help your body, help the planet and feel good about it!

Where can I get more information on organics?

You can go to the Organic Trade Association at And for a really informative guide to natural and organic living, try

Is organic better for Mother Earth?

Organic food production maintains and replenishes soil fertility without the use of toxic pesticides and fertilizers that degrade soil over time. Eliminating these polluting chemicals helps conserve precious water resources and prevents drinking water sources from being contaminated.

Who else benefits from organics?

When you choose organic, you help promote sustainable farming, a cleaner and safer environment, and safer drinking water in our communities. Just as important, you help ensure that fruit growers and their workers are paid fairly.

Kiju? Say what?

We pronounce it KEE-joo, with the emphasis on KEE. Hopefully it’s obvious that the “ju” in our name is short for ‘juice’. “Ki” is actually a Japanese word derived from the Far Eastern concept of “qi”, which means the life force or spiritual energy that is part of every living thing. Get it? Kiju Organic juice gives you an energetic boost that’s true to nature! C’mon. Don’t hold back.