Are your products vegan?

All of our juices are vegan. Obviously the fruits themselves are vegan, but they’re also processed and filtered with none of the animal derivative filters that are sometimes used in other food processing. Also, our natural flavours are completely plant-derived from the named fruits on the given package and are verified organic and non-GMO.

What does the term “natural flavours” mean?

All of our juices are 100% natural and certified organic, and are derived from the named fruit. So, the “natural flavour” listed in our Mango Orange juice comes from mangoes and oranges! Basically, “natural flavour” is the essences and oils that are captured when the fruits are first processed. We add that back to our juice to enhance the taste so that it’s closer to the natural state of the fruit when it’s ripe and freshly picked.

Are your products gluten-free?

Yes, all Kiju Organic juices are gluten-free. We ensure that ALL ingredients we source are gluten-free, and that all of our suppliers have a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) program in place and are HACCP certified. This ensures that all Kiju Organic juices are of the highest quality and gluten free.