We’re juiced about our new look

As you know, Kiju juices are GMO-free and made from 100% organic juice with no added sugar. In other words, we believe in keeping it pure and simple. So, when it came time to refresh our packaging, we didn’t have to look far for inspiration.

Check it out: our new packaging boasts a cleaner, simpler look with the featured fruits front and centre. Each flavour is captured in a lively, lush style that pops on the shelf and tempts your taste buds.

A special thank you goes out to the mad genius behind our new look – illustrator Pete Ryan. It’s no surprise that he did a fantastic job for us. After all, Pete has won numerous awards for his illustrations and been commissioned by major magazines and newspapers all over Canada, the US and the world. We chose Pete because he specializes in smart, simple concepts and pairs them with a bright graphic style. We think you would agree that when it comes to the new Kiju look, Pete nailed it!