KIJU Organic Iced Teas

Kiju Organic Iced Teas are heavenly blends of health-promoting teas infused with fruits, flowers and just a hint of sweetness. And at only 70 calories per bottle, our teas are tasty temptations you can always indulge in, guilt-free. Watch for them at your local natural food store.

Three sublime flavours

Pomegranate Green Tea: Refresh yourself while fighting free radicals with this anti-oxidant rich, healthful brew of organic green tea and organic pomegranate juice.

Mango Passion Maté: Need a boost? Organic yerba maté is infused with rich organic mango and tangy passion fruit juices for an exotic and energizing experience.

Hibiscus Rooibos: Fragrant and naturally caffeine-free, this organic Rooibos tea is lovingly infused with exquisite organic hibiscus flowers for a sublime and soothing delight.